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Pre School

An early childhood program for a period of THREE years meant for children aged 3- 6 years.

Established in the beautiful environment of Candor NPS School, Tirupati is the wonderful and enchanting world of Preschool where your child’s beginning years are enhanced by the experience of working freely with specific materials and concepts. We follow methods from Montessori which enables sparking spontaneous and harmonious interactions among children, for them to develop and hone their fine motor skills, auditory & visual identification techniques, hand-eye coordination, one-to-one correspondence, and logical thinking. Additionally, the Montessori program also includes storytelling, poetry recitation, singing, drama, and dance.

Our preschool rooms cater for 3 years – 6 years old children, with wonderful facilities for play and exploration for your little ones. The rooms are set up with plenty of interesting experiences including treasure baskets, play opportunities, crafts, songs and story times.

Primary School

  • From Class 1, our students are introduced to the study of computers, appreciating that computer literacy is essential in a modern world.
  • Children start using the Math Lab from Class 1, which helps them to sharpen their analytical skills.
  • We also encourage students in the primary school to do various projects in Environmental Science appreciating the History, Geography and cultural diversity of our Earth.
  • Students have Physical Training classes to develop their ability and fitness.
  • Art and Music classes in the primary school create an awareness and appreciation of these creative forms.
  • Establishing worthwhile work habits, persistence, independence, time management and an appreciation of the value of learning begins early in the schooling process at National Public School, Tirupati.

Middle School

  • In Class 5, students are taught to handle larger portions than what they tackled in Class 1 to 4, so along with English, Mathematics, Hindi, General Science and Social Studies, students will delve deeper into these subjects with the help of specialized teachers. Additional languages add to the challenge.
  • General Science becomes more detailed as Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Social Science becomes more specialized as History, Civics and Geography.
  • English, Hindi, Telugu, Sanskrit and Computer Science continue to be part of the syllabus.
  • Mathematics is split into Math-I and Math-II.

Senior School

  • Senior School is where the students are provided with a choice. Here the students gain an opportunity to make a choice between International syllabus and CBSE syllabus. Our students study a curriculum that is broad-based with emphasis on the core subjects – Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and Languages. Students are engaged in experiential learning through a variety of resources. In addition to Art, Music, Drama and Physical Education, there are also many enrichment activities including outbound trips and exchanges with other schools.