Co-Scholastic - Candor NPS School
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What we learn with pleasure we never forget

Sports & Health Fitness

We at Candor NPS School believe that sports and games play a vital role in moulding students into complete individuals who are ready to take on the challenges of the new world. At Candor NPS School Tirupati, we are inculcating sporting culture in our students and instilling in them, the true spirit of sportsmanship. Our sporting arena includes facilities for Cricket, Football, Tennis, Swimming, Badminton, Karate, and indoor games, which meet the requirements of international standards.

Dance Class for Kids Candor NPS School Tirupati
Farming Candor NPS School Tirupati

Cultural Activities

Research says that “Music heals and helps one concentrate”. Music and dance are the two faces of a coin of happiness. Giving credibility to the same inspired us to incorporate culture into the curriculum.

Organic Farming

In a country driven greatly by agriculture, it is important that young minds get exposed to, and gain hands-on experience in simple farming activities. The curriculum at Candor NPS School Tirupati is designed to pique the interest of students in this field and includes sessions on farming techniques, especially the organic way. This ensures that the children, right from a young age, are able to appreciate and follow Eco-friendly and sustainable practices in their lives.

Organic Farming Candor NPS School Tirupati
Kids Art Training Candor NPS School Tirupati

Young Innovators

Igniting young minds to create a Spark for innovation is the idea behind the introduction of a comprehensive program called young innovators that comprises interesting subjects like Astronomy, Robotics & Aero Modelling.


A healthy mind in a healthy body is the tenet that we believe in, and to ensure that we reinforce this concept amongst students of all ages, yoga has been incorporated into the curriculum. This also ensures that we stay connected to our roots.

Yoga training Candor NPS School Tirupati