We provide top-notch facilities for the betterment of
academics and co-curricular activities.


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Classrooms at Candor NPS School Tirupati are well lit and spacious. Each classroom is equipped with smart class facilities such as smart boards, projectors and also CCTV surveillance. Students are encouraged to decorate their classrooms and display their creative work on the boards. 



Candor NPS School believes that sports and games play a vital role in moulding students into complete individuals. Keeping this in mind Candor NPS School has a vast playground with various arenas like Cricket, Football, Tennis, etc. exclusively for its students.


Music and Art Room

Research says that “Music heals and helps one concentrate”. The music room at Candor NPS School is equipped with world-class quality string, percussion, and key-based instruments. We emphasize on co-curricular activities as much as we do on curricular activities. This helps the child grow better.



An ocean of a library is available at Candor NPS School which hosts a large number of books both educational and current affairs magazines. It also hosts a huge number of books from various authors of various genres. The school library is to support the students and teachers by providing access to current, adequate and appropriate information resources.



Candor NPS School boasts of having fully equipped laboratories with all pieces of equipment matching international standards. It also boasts of having an even better laboratory staff. These bright and colourful labs are all equipped with the usual laboratory features such as gas taps, sinks, and electricity sockets together with an extensive range of specialized practical equipment.